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Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs): QAI Laboratories

Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs): QAI Laboratories

Primary Contact

Jarred Johnson
Quality & Safety Manager
3980 North Fraser Way, Burnaby, BC V5J 5K5 Canada
Phone: 1.604.527.8378
Fax: 1.604.527.8368
Email: info@qai.og Website:

Organizational Overview

Founded in 1994 by a group of experienced certification and testing experts, QAI is an independent third-party testing, inspection and certification organization, which serves the building industry, government and individuals with cost effective solutions through our in-house capabilities / services, and an established worldwide network of qualified affiliates. To help get your product to market, trust the provider that many leading global manufacturers do: QAI.

Scope of Conformity Assessment Activity

QAI offers accredited laboratories in USA and Canada for: Building Products, EMC testing, Electrical safety testing, Fire testing, and many other industries. Accredited by IAS and SCC.

QAI partners with our clients on a regular basis to monitor and inspect their manufacturing process, final products and quality documentation for compliance. Our team of qualified service reps will help you evaluate your manufacturing plant to assure quality and conformity.

Our certification program offers accredited evaluation and analysis of the product followed by inspection for conformance to standards and quality procedures.

International Activities by Region


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