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SAC maintains a database of all Chinese National GB Standards, which is searchable in English or Mandarin. The database lists all mandatory and voluntary national standards, indicating voluntary standards with a “/T” prefix. For example, a voluntary national standard will have the prefix “GB/T”, while a mandatory national standard will show the prefix “GB”.

The instructions below describe how to use the database to search for Chinese National GB Standards.

Visit SAC’s database of Chinese National GB Standards.

database of Chinese National GB Standards

  • Search for standards using any of the criteria shown above, including standard number, standard title, ICS code, date of issuance, or relevant technical committee.
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  • For example, enter ICS code “11.040” for standards related to medical equipment.
  • Click Submit.

The results page shows all Chinese National GB Standards related to medical equipment, including their titles in Mandarin and English, and Standard Number.

database of Chinese National GB Standards

By clicking on a Standard Number, you can access more information including the technical committee that drafted the standard, any relevant adopted international standards, and dates of issuance and execution.

database of Chinese National GB Standards

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