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PRC Resources: Chinese Ministries and Agencies That Issue Regulations

PRC Resources

In addition to voluntary and mandatory standards, many Chinese regulatory agencies also issue technical regulations for products and services in the Chinese market.

Below is a list of ministries and agencies that frequently issue regulations affecting products and services. This list is not comprehensive, but is intended to provide information on the most frequently active agencies.


. Visit the U.S.-China Business Council for a complete list of Chinese Government Ministries

Ministries and Commissions

  • Ministry of Agriculture (Chinese only)
    Areas of responsibility include agriculture and environmental issues relating to agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, horticulture, animal welfare, foodstuffs, hunting and game management
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection
    Responsible for enforcing environmental policies and regulations, and also serves as China’s nuclear safety agency (sometimes referred to as the State Environmental Protection Administration or SEPA)
  • Ministry of Health (Chinese only)
    Areas of responsibility include public health, disease prevention and treatment, quality of foods and cosmetics
  • Ministry of Water Resources
    Areas of responsibility include laws, regulations, and standards for the management of water areas, including rural water resources; economic regulatory measures for the water industry; and development of policies and laws regarding national water resources. MWR is not responsible for water pollution or sewage issues.

Other Key Organizations Directly Under the State Council

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