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Key Information

How can I get "early warning" about changes to these requirements?

There are several ways to stay informed of proposed changes to regulations and standards in China.

Mandatory Requirements

To receive early warning on proposed changes to Chinese mandatory standards and technical regulations, companies can monitor China’s WTO notifications. As a WTO member, China is called to notify proposed changes to federal- and state-level technical regulations that could significantly affect trade to the WTO Secretariat prior to implementation (including mandatory standards and mandatory testing and certification requirements such as the CCC scheme).

U.S. companies can access the Notify U.S. service which provides free, customized email alerts regarding WTO notifications from China and other WTO countries. This services is provided by the U.S. WTO Enquiry Point at the National Center for Standards and Certification Information (NCSCI) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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Voluntary Requirements

China provides an online database of planned new standards to be developed, as well as standards to be updated or amended.

check mark Access the database of planned new and amended Chinese national GB standards

This database covers Chinese national GB standards. To obtain early warning on new and amended standards in other categories (e.g. professional standards, local standards, etc.), companies can consult with their importer or distributor, with the relevant Chinese trade association, or with their test lab or certification body.

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