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Resources: Find and Purchase Korean Industrial Standards (KS)


The Korean Standards Association (KSA) is the official distributor of Korean Industrial Standards (KS), and users from any country can purchase the standards using KSA’s “Korean Standards Service Network (KSSN)”.

The instructions below describe how to use the KSSN to search for and purchase Korean Industrial Standards (KS).

check Visit the KSSN to purchase standards

The KSSN main page allows users to search for standards, and also contains a list of the most recently published Korean Industrial Standards (KS) and their date of publication.

Users may search by any of the criteria shown below, including keyword, date of publication, or ICS code.

check Learn more about how to use ICS codes

KSSN icscode

  • For example, enter ICS code “33” for all standards related to Telecommunications
  • You may also click on “List” for a list of all ICS codes and their descriptions
  • Press Enter or click “OK”


  • The results page has a list of all KS for the particular ICS Code, including their titles in English.
  • Note: You can immediately identify adopted international standards by the standard reference number. For example, “KS B ISO 13766” was adopted from the ISO standard ISO 13766.
  • Click on a standard reference number for more information

Add to cart

  • This screen contains information about the standard such as the corresponding international standard, if applicable, the length of the standard, and whether it is available in English, Korean, or both.
  • The price for each version of the standard is listed.
  • Click “Add to Shopping Cart” to purchase the standard.

Once you have finished searching for standards and proceed to checkout, the KSSN webstore will prompt you to create a free account using an email address and basic ordering information before allowing you to purchase the standards using a credit card.

. Korean Standards Laws

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