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The table below lists some key Korean regulatory agencies, along with their regulatory scopes and relevant laws or legislative acts. Please contact the relevant agency for more information on requirements for specific products.

This list of agencies is not exhaustive. For a complete list of Korean government ministries, please visit the Korean e-Government Website

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*Note: Links to the English texts of Korean laws have been provided where available. Please visit to search full Korean text. English titles and summaries of Korean laws available through the Global Legal Information Network

Regulator Scope of regulatory influence Main laws administered
Korean Agency for Technology and Standards [KATS] Electrical appliances subject to safety certification
[247 items]
  • Electrical appliances: refrigerator, etc. [132 items]
  • Electric tools: power saw,  electric plane, etc. [17 items]
  • A/V products: TV, audio, video, etc. [26 items]
  • Office equipment : monitor, copy machine, printer, etc. [9 items]
  • Lighting equipment: fluorescent lamp, etc. [18 items]
  • Electrical components : wire, switch, plug, etc. [45 items]
Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act
Consumer products subject to safety certification
[18 items]
  • Textiles: false eyelashes
  • Chemical products: retreaded tires for automobiles
  • Metal: domestic pressure pans and pressure pots, metal blades for portable brush cutters
  • Household and leisure articles: gas lighters, etc. [14 items]
Quality Management & Safety Control of Industrial Products Act
Consumer products subject to self safety confirmation [47 items]
  • Textiles: mountaineering ropes, etc. [4 items]
  • Chemical products: primary and secondary battery [including chargers], etc. [10 items]
  • Machinery: hand-operated mechanical ice grinders, portable jacks for automobile
  • Construction: water tanks, friction-resistant tiles for bathroom floor
  • Merchandise: 4-wheeled walking aids, etc. [29 items]
Quality Management & Safety Control of Industrial Products Act
Consumer products subject to safety·quality labelling [14 items]
  • textile products, leather products [including artificial leather],
  • polyethylene film for agricultural use, dehumidification agents, soaps, tissue papers, furniture, household tool kits, laundry drying equipment [none mechanical], cotton tips, panels for eye protection, sunglasses, glasses frames, tents
Quality Management & Safety Control of Industrial Products Act
Consumer products subject to Child-resistant packaging [7 items]
  • room perfumery, cleaner, adhesive, polisher, stain remover, anti-freeze agent, windshield washer fluids
Quality Management & Safety Control of Industrial Products Act
Elevators [voluntary]
  • electric & hydraulic elevators, escalators, dumbwaiter, wheelchair lifts
Parts for elevator [mandatory]
  • overspeed governor, safety gear, door interlock device, device preventing ascending car overspeed, buffer
Manufacture and Management of Elevators Act
[full text Korean only]
Type approval [18 items]
  • platform scales, dial spring scales & platform indicating scales, electrical weighing machines, weights, axle weighing systems, gas volume meters, cold water meters, oil meters, fuel dispensers, LPG dispensers, the graduated oil tank, the graduated ruler of tank volume for lorry, heat meters, electricity meters, moisture content meters for cereal grains, speed detectors, clinical thermometer, sphygmomanometer
Measures Act
[full text Korean only]
Type certification
  • aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers
Aerospace Industry Development Promotion Act
[full text Korean only]
Ministry of Knowledge Economy [MKE]
  • pressure regulators for LP gas, pressure regulators for governors [excluding the internal components in governors], underground-type governors, pressure regulators for LPG vehicles, pressure regulators for gas heater with enclosed containers, gas leakage automatic interception device, gas leakage alarm and interception device, filters for governors
  • hoses [twin, including high-pressure rubber hoses, vinyl chloride hoses, metal flexible hoses, safety couplings]
  • pipeline valves [including ball valves and globe valves], underground-type welded ball valves, PE valves and cocks
  • pipe fittings [including electrically insulated joints, electro-fusion polyethylene joints, transition fittings, quick couplers]
  • forced draught gas burners
  • appliances burning gas fuel [equipped with governors and the volume of gas consumption is less than 200,000 kilo calories] : gas boilers, gas ovens, gas cookers, gas heaters, cassette-type butane cookers
  • multi functional gas safety meters
  • loading-arms
  • fuel cell [the volume of gas consumption is less than 200,000 kilo calories]
LP Gas safety and Business Management Act
[full text Korean only]
  • seamless gas cylinders, welded gas cylinders, cryogenic gas cylinders, seamed or solder-seamed cylinders, cylinders for acetylene gas, reinforced plastic or composite cylinders, gas cylinder accessories [cylinder valves and safety devices], Pipeline valves for toxic gas
High-pressure Gas Safety Control Act
[full text Korean only]
  • pressure equipment for heat using devices
  • energy efficiency
Energy Use Rationalization Act
Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  • mechanical parking equipment
Parking Lot Act
[full text Korean only]
  • fire-wall
  • interior materials
Building Act
[full text Korean only]
  • dozer, excavator, loader, fork lift truck, scraper, dump truck, truck crane, motor grader, roller, road stabilizer, concrete batching plant, concrete finisher, concrete distributors, concrete mixer truck, concrete pump truck, asphalt mixing truck, asphalt finisher, asphalt distributors, aggregate spreader, mobile crusher, air compressors, drilling equipment, pile driver & earth drill machine, gravel digging equipment, dredging ship, other earth moving & building construction equipment, tower crane
Construction Machinery Management Act
[full text Korean only]
  • floor-crashing sound isolation structure
Housing Act
[full text Korean only]
  • lifeboat
Ship Safety Act
[full text Korean only]
  • anti-pollution equipment
Marine Environment Management Act
  • motor vehicles
Automobile Management Act
[full text Korean only]
  • aircraft, dangerous goods packing, etc.
Aviation Act
[full text Korean only]
Korea Communications Commission Radio Research Agency Electrical communication equipment and materials [type approval]
  • phones, modems, facsimiles, etc.
Framework Act on Telecommunications
[full text Korean only]
Type verification test for radio equipment
  • radio equipment such as automatic vessel warning receivers that are greatly related to human safety
Radio Waves Act
Type registration test for radio equipment
  • radio equipment such as mobile radio phones that can be easily accessed by ordinary people
Radio Waves Act
Information equipment Electromagnetic compatibility registration
  • PCs, printers, and monitors
Radio Waves Act
Ministry of Labor the safety of machines, instruments and their parts, protective devices and personal protective equipment
  • harmful or hazardous equipment
Industrial Safety and Health Act
Ministry of Environment water purification equipment Management of Drinking Water Act
environmental measurement equipment Development of and Support for Environmental Technology Act
car noise Noise and Vibration Control Act
gas discharged from cars Clean Air Conservation Act
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stage equipment Public Performance Act
[full text Korean only]
Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries livestock Products Processing of Livestock Products Act
[full text Korean only]
National Emergency Management Agency fire extinguishing equipment Installation, Maintenance, and Safety Control of Fire-Fighting System Act
[full text Korean only]
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs

Korea Food and Drug Administration
pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
[full text Korean only]
functional cosmetics Cosmetics Act
[full text Korean only]
food Food Sanitation Act
[full text Korean only]
medical devices Medical Appliances Act
[full text Korean only]
health functional food Functional Foods for Health Act
[full text Korean only]


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